Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Decided for this milestone this morning I’d just walk around ONE block and see what would catch me.   only saw 2 address 10’s but so many lovely gardens and garden ornaments…so I proceeded to put a bunch together and as it was being saved, the program  crashed and poof it was gone.  !!Unbelievable.  So you get the simple version (might be  better less busy anyway. )  Appropriate to show the east side of our condo where we spend so much of our time these days.  With the white lilac on it, for fun   (Im always tempted to paint this grey wall,  but it IS a condo so that would never work)  .  Love that the neighbor’s clematis is looking good!   Tulips are still barely hanging in so here’s 10 RED ones…I”m looking forward to the red camera altho I really liked that purple one.   Started on May 10 2010……who would have thought I’d still be here and have such a lovely record of daily life and so many wonderful friends.     Thanks to the blip team that makes it happen and to all blippers…it feels like such a wonderful community and even more so now that we are sharing this world wide pandemic. I learn a lot from blippers that doesn't happen in the news media.   I apologize for not being able to keep up with daily commenting…but do manage to check in a lot.  You are the best!

In other news for the day, got stung by a bee in our living room ( I'm allergic to them)  but Benadryl did the trick , but I think made me sleepy.    zoom Tai Chi class, managed to cancel our plane reservations for the trip and miles back... AND the courier finally made it to the bank with the check for our island property we just sold so now we can really raise a glass for a toast!   Life goes on.    

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