Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


So close to the 4000 blip comes the 11 year, so ….what to blip?     I decided that it needed to be another AT HOME blip for the second year of this pandemic.  ((last year) since we’ve been here and nowhere else for 13 months.  This is the view out the window sitting at my computer….it can be endlessly entertaining.   And the tulips are just barely hanging on for the picture.  the fence and storage shed are new.    I waited in my big ball seat for the house finches but it was so quiet I just took the photo and got it ready to post……. Then the stellar jay arrived, and then the squirrels so I had to put them in the photo, along with just one red finch (they weren’t there at the same time of  course.    Fiona’s PMV’s are always willing to participate.   Now that I’m done and writing this there are several finches at the feeder, but more wind.    And I could see it as a painting…

Anyway, wasn’t blip such a pleasure in this oh so bleak year?   I’m so grateful for everyone that cheerfully (or not so cheerfully) shared their restricted lives at home without all the exotic trips I’d ordinarily relish looking at.   It was enough of a different world view, and a comfort.   Thank you.  And thank you of course to Joe Tree for the brilliant idea (Im sure he had no idea what a salvation it would be this year) and the wonderful group who keeps it running for us all.

There is light at the end of this tunnel…the vaccines are helping…. we just need to be patient a bit longer  (Seattle actually is in danger of going back a notch next week with restrictions) .   We will have something other than our neighborhood and city parks in a few weeks to look forward to.   I’m sure I will do more “lanquishing” (the word I read to describe what some of us are the middle of depressed and thriving) but I’m happy to get up in the morning and to be here., ,.And will keep it up.  IT's a very long time til the next blip day, thankfully.

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