There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Baby's Got Blue Eyes

On Monday morning, I met a pretty little miss with blue eyes at the Penn State horse barns. I had seen the notice of her birth last week on Facebook (the Penn State Quarter Horses page), and in the pictures, she had a long white patch on her face. I thought she looked adorable. She was born April 24 out of Fancee Boom Cash by PSU He Rox the Nite.

When I spotted the palomino mom out in the front paddock on Monday morning, I looked carefully: there was the new baby beside her! So I stopped for a few minutes to meet the newest member of the herd. As I downloaded the pics, I noticed her unusual eye color. So Tuesday morning, I went back for more photos!

As you can see in this photo, her eyes are quite blue, which I understand to be a rarity in horses. Also, when you get as far up on her face as the eye area, the one side of her face is white and the other side is not. The side that is white has WHITE EYELASHES, which I find adorable. Also: pinkee pinkee nosie! (Yes, for the first time, I TOUCHED, and her muzzle is very, very soft.)

The horses were acting a little nervous on this morning, and they kept looking across Park Avenue at our famous Beaver Stadium. I turned and looked myself, and discovered two sets of grads, clad in caps and gowns, posing (rather noisily) for photos. Yes, if you can believe it, spring semester is wrapping up - it's finals week here - and graduation is this coming weekend!

The one group was splashing around bottles of champagne. The other group was posing for some "jump" photos. I thought it was fun; in fact, fun enough that I snapped a few photos myself, and you may see my favorite shot in the extras.

I usually have one soundtrack song, but today I can't resist sharing two. This one, of course, is for the pretty little miss whose photo appears above: Elton John, with Baby's Got Blue Eyes. And here's a second for those happy grads: Kool and the Gang, with Celebrate. Welcome, little blue-eyed horse! Congratulations, grads! :-)

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