By suehutton

It's Official!

The ARPS certificate arrived this  morning, along with a scrappy, imitation silver, badge, which I stuck immediately into the kitchen noticeboard.

Len took the photo. He had some problems with straps and buttons but eventually managed to click the shutter.

The certificate has now been placed in front of the LRPS certificate, gained five and a half years ago, in the frame that is part of the rogues' gallery in our hall. 

I went to the doctor this morning to get results from tests done in February. My heart is in excellent condition considering it is 70 years old. The doc says the chest pains must be down to stress. He was cool about deferring osteoporosis treatment for six months while I have my dental implants done. I showed him the letter from the dentist. On seeing the quote, he remarked, I'm in the wrong profession!

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