By suehutton

Young William

Busy social day today. To Leicester for coffee and chat with Judy and then to see Kat and William.

Kat was prone on the settee as she had had a lumbar puncture yesterday. She looked fine and said she was doing OK. Her Mum, Ann, was there to look after William, who kept himself amused and busy the whole time we were there. What a joy! Grandad did a sterling job pushing the little toy car to and fro from him.

Basil has now gone to the vet for his worming tablet to be administered.

I am SO glad that I was able to see the physio yesterday. It has made the most tremendous difference. For one thing, I took to bed last night rather than sleeping on the settee. After an initial discomfort in the leg, alleviated by lifting it lengthwise on to a pillow, I fell asleep and enjoyed the best sleep for a long time. It had certainly helped getting hold of the codeine yesterday as that dulled the pain.

Keeping the leg straight overnight had enabled more flexibility in the knee, so I was able to do my shuffling exercise, as I call it, much more easily, and get in and out of the car with hardly any problem. I find that the more I shuffle, the easier the knee feels. These physios know what they're talking about.

Basil was able to sleep in his own bed for a change. I'm sure he appreciated that.

Lovely sunshine but a nip in the air still.

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