By Kipsie

Nature shaping the hedgerow

There is shape everywhere, nowhere more so than in nature. The more you look the more you see.  Botanical names  for the leaf shapes , flower forms, growth habit, which if you're into Latin, then it will all make sense.
I love the countryside, the wild flowers, forms, colours, leaf shapes, ferns, tree shapes, trunk shapes, leaf shapes, the wild life, birds, bugs, have I missed anything, I love everything. I switch off completely, absorbed by my surroundings & can spend hours soaking it up. The weather was yucky this morning, but the pink champion ,bluebells, stitchwort, shield fern, herb robert, vetch, still perform come rain or shine. Monty & Dixie were very patient on our walk up Church Rd, where I stopped to take this pic of the hedgerow & into the woods where the bluebells looked magical.

Cass & I had a mooch around the paddock next door, some definite raised bed envy in the polytunnel. Took a couple of pics to show hubby, I think  a lot of patience will be required if we are to make some for the allotment, but I'm hopeful. We have the pic, we have the timber, but do we have the technology. LOL!
Next activity this morning -  Lidl's. I could'nt believe how civilized it was in there. Civilized, meaning I could park without queueing,  shop without being rammed, no screaming children, very little time spent at the check out. I went in to get seeded bread for Lucy & Stan. They share a toasted slice in the morning. Lidl's bake off rolls & Danish pastries are half the price of elsewhere so I popped some of those in my basket. I spotted fresh sweetcorn, WE might be sharing that, & I've sampled the grapes that I purchased this evening. :) I gave Stan & Lucy one each but I did'nt get  the response I was hoping for, I hope they were'nt expecting me to peel them.  I love Lidl's deli section, always lots to tempt me, today was no exception. Cider is very keenly priced and very drinkable too, so some  cans went in the basket. Thank goodness it's a pull-along :)

Next stop, dropping off the dismantled bicycle to the recycle centre before heading to George & Jeans to do an hour or so in their garden, well that was the plan, a 30 minute wait while the staff juggled the rubbish into skips etc. meant that time was running away, so G&J's gardening cancelled. The time spent waiting was'nt all in vain, I got to check on the disposal of asbestos with a member of staff. £10.70 per 20kg. 20kg maximum weight per package. (No assistance given my staff) Double wrapped in heavy duty polythene. Is it doable. I'm not sure will have to check just how much of Mum's garage is asbestos before we start dismantling. With all the appropriate safety wear obviously.
Whizzed home, made lunch for hubby & me, checked out the greenhouse as one does .... the blimin' snails have been chomping on my runner bean & sweetcorn plants (main course), young Hollyhock plants for dessert. ARGHHHH! 
"Do other people have a problem?"  He's not a gardener. ;)
Slug & snail pellets required.
Back to the lane . Cassie had lunch, Monty & Dixie had a biccie. Did a little bit of weeding then it began to rain. Took the dogs up onto the common for their afternoon walk in the mizzle. The travellers are still parked up there.
A lovely evening out there now
Just watched Celebrity Portrait of the Year .. Tomasz Schafernacker, the BBC television weather man,  is a very good artist. Who'd have thought it.

Dinner was very Scandinavian tonight - Herring fillets in an apple, red onion & fresh dill creamy sauce, new potatoes & broccoli, & a Danish pastry for pud

Ciao 4 now!

Thanks to BobsBlips for setting the challenge

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