By Kipsie

Go on, give us a kiss,

you know you want to. (Darmera peltata - Umbrella plant).

Last night after 10pm, someone was trying to phone me, but I did'nt answer the phone. This morning I see on a local FB page that one of the bicycles we had stolen just over a week ago was found trashed, & a retired policeman that we know was trying to contact me last night, so when I got back home at lunchtime I went to check if the bike was actually one of ours. Yep! Completely trashed, only fit for the recycle centre but I could'nt squeeze it into my little Aygo, so hubby has dismantled it this afternoon. It's now in the boot of my car in bits. MORONS! Young people who have nothing better to do than get up to mischief. This bicycle belonged to a dear friend who lost her battle with cancer. It's the bicycle I used to complete a sponsored cycle ride for Rowcroft Hospice when recovering from my treatment for cancer.

You probably know my morning routine by now, so moving on, it's  Dartmoor Pony Heritage trust volunteering morning. Sun was shining, so  poo picking, ragwort detection, bird feeding, pond slime removal.
Quick shop for Mum.
Quick stop to say hello to hubby.
Back to feed Cassie, & myself :) then a walk. Such a beautiful afternoon after a very chilly start on Ideford Common earlier. I left Cassie for her afternoon siesta, & headed off to explore some of the local bridle paths with Monty & Dixie. The hedgerows/Devon banks are full of wonderful wild flowers, pink, yellow, blue, white, mauve complimented with lush greenery. Plenty of hoverflies, a couple of butterflies and a moth, all to quick for me with a couple of dogs in tow.

That's about it I think ... :)

Strapping went on this morning, came off about 4.30 this afternoon so pretty good for me. Not practical to keep them strapped for 4 weeks though.

Thanks to Ninniex for hosting Tiny Tuesday

Thanks to Cassiesmum for the Darmera peltata photo opportunity

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