Whichever way you look at it ....

'Angles', the Abstract Thursday challenge set by Ingeborg for today. A flash of inspiration meant I could combine going to buy fresh fish for Mum in Bovey Tracey from the mobile fish man, who under normal circumstances Mum would buy from him on a Tuesday outside her door, BUT in these Corvid19 days has ceased. He is whoever parking up in BT on a Thursday morning between 9am - 1pm, & serving from a larger van where he can be the correct distance from his customers. I got there at 8.55am to join the queue of 6 socially distanced outside The Cromwell Arms, under different circumstances it might have looked as if we were queueing for the pub to open. Bit early for me!! A fabulous selection of fish, & shellfish. Argh!!! It was'nt Andy, Mum's local fish man. I was going to say a plaice fillet like she normally buys, okay, I remembered she said she pays about £3.50 so went with that.  We had fish last night but I could'nt resist. Monkfish, John Dory, Gurnard, the list goes on ....  I was tempted by the gert big plump scallops but settled for a skate wing. I love skate. That's tonight's dinner sorted. Back to Mum to surprise her with the fresh fish, AND snap a few images of the beaded glass in her back door. I remembered taking lots of pics once before. Bish, bash, bosh ... bye! :- )
Rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, gorgeous blue sky, rain, .......

I made bacon & cheese turnovers for lunch to use the end of puff pastry, bit of butcher's bacon, plus the egg wash left over from last nights dinner. Very tasty!

A very lazy day. I ate breakfast while watching The Great British Sewing Bee. This afternoon I watched 2 episodes of Beat the Chasers while recycling my used tealight holders. I've cut them at an angle all the way around, stuck two together, back to back, then attached them to wire with some bright beads to make pretty little bird scarer windmills. Well they look pretty even if they don't scare the critters. The design may need tweaking .. I suppose you would call it a WIP.

Early blip ... that does'nt happen for often.

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