By hazelh

Staffordshire spill vase

My not-so-little sister kindly gave* (not sold!) me the Staffordshire spill vase for which she paid £1 at Tynemouth market on Sunday. Although I think that it's an ugly object, with its green and orange colouring it does look rather splendid in my tangoed green bathroom, as blipped.

It's a while since I last walked into work. I felt really glad this morning that I blipped the blossom on the Meadows last week because it is already beginning to look past its best.

When I returned home from work this evening I discovered that Mr hazelh's recent Blurb book order had arrived. Mr hazelh, Mummy hazelh and I worked our way through my 'at 55' blipbook, our 2018 photo album, and our 1996-1997 retrospective photo album after dinner tonight.

*I think that this is probably a permanent loan.

Exercise today: walking (13,038 steps).

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