Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I took so many photos of rhododendrons today I'm spoiled for choice, so this single bloom is the representative of hundreds. What with the early warm weather bringing the blossoming forward a bit and the fact that I'm usually abroad in May, I don't think I've ever seen quite so many different varieties of rhododendron out in Benmore Gardens - which itself is the home of more species than most if not any gardens in the country.

After such hard work yesterday, it was great just to have time to enjoy our favourite place. I was thinking, however, that it must be a sign of advancing years that I'm so happy just wandering about in a garden, even if it is one that has us climbing a not inconsiderable hill to reach the upper stretches. I'm being tempted by someone young enough to be my daughter to climb a proper hill next month in support of a worthwhile charity - a group climb, with sponsorship. I'm a tad nervous about signing up for it - would my knees stand up to a Munroe these days? It's been three years since I last climbed, and I've decided that there comes a time in age when one year passing has the same disproportionately ageing effect as it did when I was seven ...

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