Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Desperate measures ...

You can work out if I mean I had to take a photo of my telly to ensure that I had a blip for today, or if the weather was so bad by the afternoon that I was driven to watching said telly - but you can be sure that I don't mean that I have to be desperate to watch a Leonard Cohen DVD! 

After yesterday's sunshine, the heavens opened this afternoon. It was already blowing up quite a gale, and various ferries were barely observable fighting their way over the Firth, or up and down it - there was quite a bit of traffic today. And after yesterday's exercise - Pilates, a longish walk - and a hopeless night, I was feeling pretty washed out. As we have choir on Tuesday evenings, I like to get some relaxation before I go out, so ...

And I confess. I love Leonard Cohen, especially in his last flowering when he had to tour again to make up for the theft of his money. This is a photo from his Live in London DVD, and I think he was singing the wonderful Anthem at the time. 

There is a crack in everything ... that's how the light gets in.

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