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By Jeanneb53

Quirang - Wow!

What a fab day. Fab but cold with lots of clear skies and sunshine so we did what we came for and went up Quirang in Trotternish, Skye.

Two years ago we climbed Storr the highest mountain in the range, passing the Old Man of Storr where many people stop and completed a 7 mile plus circuit. It was in perfect weather conditions and was a magnificent, if very tiring day. Our host, Tom, when we told him said we should do Quirang. So we came back to do just that.

It’s a bit of a cheat really as you can get a pretty long way up by road but we did a 3 mile circuit to the pinnacles and tables and back. There were a few steep bits with scree and ’chimneys’ to climb or descend so not all easy going. We could have climbed up on to the ridge and walked back along the top but it sounded as though some of it could be a bit tricky so decided against it.
Back at the car park was a very welcome tea van, what a great idea. Having had a full breakfast we resisted the bacon and sausage butties, which smelled marvellous, but did have a cuppa.

Leaving by the minor road we crossed the Trotternish peninsula to the ferry port of Uig to equally welcome toilets. The sea was sparkling and the ferry had just departed, either to Tarbet, Harris or Lochmaddy on North Uist. We’ll be coming back that way in about 10 days.

A further stop and short walk took us around the Fairy Glen.  (Couldn't  miss out the fairies ) A strange group of conical mounds and towers apparently formed by land slips in the same way as the more fantastical rock formations of Quirang and Storr. If you want spectacular rocks and geology this is the place to come. ( Extra1 is Chris taking a view of Quirang with more of the Trotternish range behind him)

We had a couple of very short showers on the mountain as clouds past over, they barely wet us but they were definitely snow, and then an equally short hail shower in the Fairy Glen. Let’s hope the weather gets warmer but today was great for walking, better than warm and wet! I was well wrapped up and a bit too warm at times.

Back in good time to get ready to go the Stein Inn tonight in Waternish. It’s the oldest inn on Skye. Hope it’s good as we had a great meal last night just a walk down the road.

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