By suehutton

Marsh Marigold

Also known as Kingcup.

It's been a miserable day, if you let it. I abandoned plans to visit our friends in Uppingham because 1, it was raining, 2 Len had to take part in the verification of votes in yesterday's local election. He left before 8.30 am and wasn't back until 5.30 pm. He said the workers got only 20 minutes break in the whole day. Difficult to eat and drink because of regulations.

And it continued raining. Cold as well. I put the heating on again. I messed about really with this and that, but did finally upload the photos of my ARPS panel to my RPS portfolio, updating my profile photo in the process.

Basil and I sloped down to the pond where these marsh marigolds stand bright against their dark surroundings. I took a couple of photos of the bluebells too. Spanish ones probably.

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