South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth

80th birthday celebration

We had a get together at a pub right out in the country for an 80th birthday celebration lunch. It was nice to see everyone, but the food was not good. Mine was a small amount of boney chicken with sloppy mash and tough mange-tout (‘Coq-au-vin’ supposedly). The dessert was a dry and cold ‘sticky toffee pudding’ that was as tough as old boots. If we had been paying I would definitely have asked for my money back. And the lady whose birthday it was, needed to have gluten-free food and there was only one choice. She had to have a burger with no bun and salad. The pudding was only one choice as well. She didn’t say much, as friends were treating her (and us) but it was unimpressive to say the least. And the service was really slow. Such a shame as the pub is in a lovely setting and it was such a kind thought. Thankfully, I don’t think the friends realised there was too much of a problem (I kept totally quiet about my main course!)

I’m staying at Dad’s again tonight, just to make sure he is okay. The next night I should be all right to stay home, then I shall be back to him the one after that.

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