An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


I was woken up at silly o'clock this morning by every bird in the garden trying to outdo one another in the dawn chorus.  They were so loud!  It was such a racket it actually made me laugh.  Wonderful to hear though.

I didn't actually think I would get back to sleep but to my surprise I did, waking when David's alarm went off at 8am.  

David took Lola to the moor for her morning walk before heading back to the train station to have a second go at getting to Glasgow to pick up the hire car for Alan (till his one is fixed.)  Thankfully this time he was successful.  He also popped into the Apple shop in Buchanan Street as his phone has stopped charging.  Thankfully it was an easy (and free) fix.

Meanwhile I had a chat with Alan's support worker Lana to bring her up to speed from the outcomes of Alan's team meeting last week.  Lana's from the Ukraine and is married to a Scot.  She told me about how she first came to Scotland and how she met her husband.  

I am always fascinated by people who leave their country of birth to settle elsewhere in the world.  I've moved 38 miles from where I was raised and feel a million miles away!  We are so rarely in a major city these days that even David said he felt like Crocodile Dundee as walked around Glasgow City centre this afternoon!  :-))

I had a lovely telephone chat with blip pal Karen who's coming to visit at the end of next week.  So looking forward to meeting her after following her journal for a number of years.  

After lunch the sun came out and Lola and I went out to the garden.  Jacket required!  We were only out there a few minutes and the sun disappeared.  Typical.  Had my macro lens on the camera hoping to capture some bug life but other than some plant shots, all I managed was an out of focus bee! And Lola of course, whose antics as she stalked the cushie-doos were hilarious.

David arrived back with the car and within 10 minutes Alan and Lana were on their way to Dundee!  He's really missed being able to get further afield.

Dinner over, now time for a G&T and a blip catch up.  

Happy Saturday peeps :-))


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