An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Why did the whale cross the road?

To get to the other tide.  Groan   Well he laughed.

Warning - I am grumpy.

Arthritic flare up in my left hip meant a night of hardly any sleep.  Took strong painkillers at 3.30am.  Didn't make any difference.  Took a different lot of painkillers at 8.30am and thankfully they did help.  Let me have a couple of hours sleep.  But that's not why I'm grumpy.

For lunch David made wraps with smoked paprika hummus, green salad and halloumi.  Absolutely delicious.  Definitely not why I'm grumpy.

Coffee in the gorgeous afternoon sun.  No grumps there.

Listening to Alan laughing and having fun during his pool session.  Sheer joy.

David offering to make dinner, certainly not grump inducing.

Nope, all of that is fine.  My grumps stem from the fact the pain in my hip is being caused by the seat I sit on to paint.  It's not a cheap seat.  In fact it's a very expensive office chair designed to offer the utmost comfort and support.  

I need to figure out a way to fix this as not being able to sit at the table to paint is just not an option.

And that's why I'm grumpy.


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