Light from Fruit

Today was dedicated to the littles. It’s been a long time since we’ve visited them and Owen had a soccer game that wasn’t at 9am so we headed to the East Bay to catch the game. One of the things we realized is that the littles, though the youngest of the grandchildren,  are hardly little anymore....we found Maya on the sidelines drawing a picture of Wasabi, her pet gecko. Tim was coaching drills and Joni, as team mother was organizing chairs, water, snacks and cheerleading.

Owen scored a goal and the Cobras won so Owen got to choose where we went for lunch. After lunch we had to admire Owen’s award winning science fair project on making a lightbulb light up by connecting it to citrus fruits with a copper penny and a zinc nail stuck in each one. He measured five kinds of citrus to see which kind produced the most voltage. (Lemons again...everyone has lemons for a wide variety of uses this year)

It may be a bit silly, but it is also impressive, and I learned something as well, as Owen explained it to me....among other things, only  pennies made before 1986 are actually made of copper....

We also had to check out the real Wasabi, a shy  green reptile with orange spots, suction toes and almost human eyes in a beautifully appointed and spotless terrarium. Maya fed him some special fruit based food from a spoon so we could admire his pink tongue. We were spared watching him eat live crickets which are a staple food source.

I’m writing this on my phone as we drive home after a sometimes silly but always thoroughly pleasant day. We are back on Sonoma County’s notoriously bumpy roads, so I will stop trying to write while I’m ahead....

I've added a collage for extras of pictures Maya sent me of Wasabi.

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