Everyday Life

By Julez

Craftea Cafe

Today may be a Bank Holiday  but it has been anything but relaxing! I had to go to my parents as normal, and there was loads for me to do over there, including scrubbing a filthy carpet on my hands and knees. (You really don't know what was ground into on the carpet!!! Suffice to say, I didn't eat my lunch!)

There was also bins to empty, pots to wash and shopping to fetch. I didn't mind the shopping, I was glad of the fresh air! There was some tidying up to do as well, and clean washing to fold and put away.

Brian fetched me at 2 PM, as on a Saturday, and on the way home I got him to stop and I took this photo, which I've done quite a bit of faffing with. I stood in the middle of a busy dual carriageway to take this!! That was pretty hair-raising!

We came home, collected the shopping list and we went straight off to Tesco to do the shopping. I think half of Lincoln had the same idea! I was glad to come home and get the shopping away! 

I can relax now, and we are having takeaway pizza for tea, so no cooking and minimal washing up! Yayy!

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