By Bella888

1001 Dachshunds

Yesterday afternoon we ventured out for a coffee. Remembered the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Festival ‘BEAF 2019’ was on. So headed to Boscombe where there were several events.

As we got off the bus, it was like a ‘good’ dream. Teeny weeny Dachshunds everywhere. I had seen an invitation for their owners to meet for a photoshoot at the mural artist’s Tech Moon’s (AKA Krishna Malla) amazing shipping container (*which fellow blipper 13 South beat me to uploading on blip yesterday! >

Lots of doggies having great fun and loving each other’s company. See photos in the extras too. Later we headed to Urban Beach - there was a little party of Dachshund owners, 6 doggies between them. Great fun.

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