Just a sheep wearing a crown

Went mudlarking with Tim again this morning.  Pretty slim pickings, but it was still nice to have a wander along the foreshore.  

Something really weird though - apart from this sheep I spotted on the way back....  When I first went mudlarking, over two months ago, I found half an 'evil eye' charm (you can see it in this photo), which I promptly dropped on the foreshore and broke a small piece off.  Today I picked up a small piece of blue glass, then hours later back at home, I suddenly said to Tim, "You know what, this almost looks like it would fit my evil eye."  I put the two together, and it's only the same ruddy piece!  Fits exactly.  My tiny mind is blown - so many tides have come and gone since then, so much mud and so many stones churned up, and such a huge area of foreshore.  How on earth did it make its way back to me and back to the evil eye?!

After I cleaned up all my finds this afternoon I started feeling quite unwell - and then weirdly burst into a tears (normally a sign I'm coming down with something).  Think I freaked Tim out a bit!  Anyway, decided an early night was in order, so got myself tucked up in bed by 9pm with an episode of Mud Men on my phone.

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