By dfb24


....at Mesa Arch. 
We got up at 0200 and went to shoot stars in Canyonlands National Park. By the time we got there, unloaded our equipment and walked to the site it was about 0300. Took me awhile to get the settings right, but I was happy with them, & tried to put a shot of the Milky Way into the extras, but it wouldn't load. I think we spent about an hour there, then left for Mesa Arch. We got there about 0400 & there were already other photographers there, but we still got some primo spots! By 0530/0600 there were lots more people there--both photographers and people wanting to film on their cell phones--& sunrise was around 0630, 0645--maybe even a bit later than that. . This was my favorite shot of the day! We packed up our gear and left for various other sites around the park, staying until 1000, and upon leaving the park we all decided to go to Dead Horse Point State Park (also suggested by BikerBear) which was only 4 miles from Canyonlands. Another beautiful spot. We left there at 1100, and driving back to Moab was really the first I felt tired, in spite of only about 4 hours sleep before we went to shoot the stars. We had breakfast/lunch on the way back to the Hotel, and we've got until 1830 to rest up. Then dinner, and back out at 0200 for more star photography. Thanks so much for all the comments, stars and hearts for the past couple of days of pictures. Haven't had much "free" time to reply, but I greatly appreciate it! :)))

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