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By Kanyl

NOT metalurgy...

No eye Deer what happened today; I just sort of got brain-rust. I have fed and that's about IT. This is one of my "just in case" shots, in lieu of even an emergency Blip.
I did intend to ask:-
Hands up if you remember either "Glitterwax" or "Plasticine".

I then checked, and found you can still buy Plasticine. GOBSMACKED 0

As Jerra can attest I do some funny things - this is one of them.

Back here I showed one of my Christmas presents - didn't last long, he said with a WIDE grin. The wax coatings, however did. In bulk form. This is the result of equal part of 2 shades of red, a green and an almost black.

Do a search for "Glitterwax" and you'll not easily find any info. nearest I got to the actual stuff, searching it as both one word and two, was a Page called "Sheffield Forum" from whence I thieved one sentence:-
"I just asked my wife if she remembered Glitterwax (but being 10 years younger than me, she doesn't) so Googled the question and came up with your forum."  This from a bloke claiming "70+ years" like myself.

Glitterwax seems to have changed its use to that of mumifying cheese.
Did a quick search to refresh the failing memory on the "Paraffin series" as I learnt it:-
"Alkanes have the general chemical formula CnH2n+2."
So you can start at Methane CH4 - ethane C2H6 - propane - etc. Gases. get to Pentane and you've reached a stage where you can brandish a bottle containing a clear liquid. Seems you have to be up to about  C16H34 before you start with solids, so the old Glitterwax must have been fairly low down to be both solid AND malleable by hand. Just like the wax off cheese.

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