Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

NO Blasphemy intended - BUT:-

Being reasonably close to Easter, the concept of a resurrection sprung to mind. 
Some time ago  I set a Ginger root into a plant-pot, and decided to keep it indoors over the coolest part of the year.
 As time past I forgot to water it; it appeared to be totally dehydrated, it shrunk mightily and the shoot dried up. I'm not sure whether it was curiosity or idleness, but there it remained.
Fast forward to a recent house-plant watering session - I noticed "this".
To the left is the husk of the 1st shoot; to the right is the "resurrection". It's, currently, standing with its feet in water, but you can probably see, from the gap twixt compost and pot, how dry it had been.
Since I "shot", it I've thumb-nailed it and it's actually still not totally dehydrated, even at the end away from the shoot.
Awaiting further developments with interest.
* ~ * ~ *
The Schlumbergera was too much damaged to survive.
Up the story line.

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