Just for the record you understand?

I'm a stray-leaf-pickerup.
I wouldn't dream of removing an existing leaf from a plant, but always closely peruse all the Schlumbergeras in garden centres looking for a different colour; which, of course, I don't know until they flower.
I was lucky - most leaves were beneath a colour I knew I had. 
THIS one was:-
Under a different colour.
With flowers on.
It's over at that jaunty angle on account of it's poorly and the top 1/2 falls over if upright.
Bearing in mind How this one looked.
And compare it with itself in October, same year, I reckon we're in with a chance?
It's a two for one record in that the ginger had grown that shoot while dehydrating through neglect. I decided to plant it & see if it recovers.
Just for "'good measure" 
The extra:-
I did my daily wander and click and shot it from the top of "The Heap" so my feet were about 3' above lawn and seeing over the fence a LOT easier.
It WAS to be the Blip, but, while up to the wrists in the washing up I saw, and thought of the Plant record.
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
The 2nd "extra" WAS to be today's. After "tomorrow" I decided to add it, for a reason.
Own up which of you MOVED?  Like we don't know? 
;¬ )
* ~ * ~ * ~ *
I was, also so into the Schlumbergera I neglected the Ginger; which looked like this in October.

On to May '19. 

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