By dreaming


For my blip today, I stopped in at the Chinese bakery across the road and had a look at their range of beautifully-decorated pastries and cakes.  They had quite a few cakes intended for Mother's Day, and I thought this one especially nice.  The cakes are ridiculously expensive, but will certainly be enjoyed by whatever lucky mother gets one.

Every year on May 8th, the Seattle Foundation holds an event called GiveBig.  Folks are asked to make donations to many nonprofits in the area, and there are additional funds to match what is raised by each one.  They've streamlined the process this year, so that it is easy to find the ones you want to give to and you make one payment for the total that you donate.  Not having a lot of disposable income, I've always seen GiveBig as a way to make my money go farther, especially when I donate to agencies that aren't well known or that serve poorer folks.  When it's over, the Foundation will announce the amount of the grants and to which agencies they were given.  Most of the nonprofits I care about are able to participate, so it's a good thing.

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