Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Bluebell Sunset

It's been a busy day doing bits and pieces, with rain on and off through the day. This evening the sun was shining a bit so I headed up my local mountain to get some fresh air and a blip. I liked the sun on the horizon shining down the lane, part lighting bluebells in a field.

Lens used:    Leica Mount Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 at F22

Wide Wednesday Challenge

The theme this week was 'light' and with rain most of yesterday it wasn't an easy one for UK blippers!  Never the less, with some outside the box thinking, there was a range of entries. Here's my ten choices to receive hearts asap.

1.   Richardg                            Dawn Light
2.   Donnawanna                    Kmart Supermarket
3.   gillyh                                  Pagwell Bay
4.   jensphotos                      Fountain
5.   Ninniex                               Beach jogger
6.   60plus                                Bottle Lights
7.   Keenken                            Coastal Scene
8.   Pleach                                Light Bulbs
9.   Kimb                                   Field
10  ladypop                             Ceiling Light

Thanks to all who entered. The following weeks themes are on the community page.  See you soon!

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