By Teasel


My turn to get BB out to school today – getting him out of bed was a significant challenge in itself – there was lots of chivvying along to be done.  By some miracle the train I got had plenty of carriages and therefore plenty of seats – quite unusual.  Work was work, and I spent the morning getting a little anxious about the meeting I had spent yesterday arranging.  Everyone turned up, and even thankfully the person who I thought might upset the apple cart, was challenging, but constructive and ultimately quite helpful.  It was a huge relief and I was able to enjoy my lunch after that.

I spent the rest of the afternoon attending to actions that fell out of the meeting before rushing home to feed BB.  His rugby had been cut short tonight, due to the inclement weather.

Later I braved the inclement weather to feed my Fitbit and got wet.

As you can see it definitely rained today.


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