By Teasel


Back to work today and I was up early and on the early bus.  I wasn’t very motivated though.  I worked through my in box and dealt with a  few reactive things, but spent most of my day arranging a meeting.  This is my least favourite task, and I usually leave it to others, but phone calls had to be made, explanations provided, negotiations done, and all to get the right people there.  Lining up multiple diaries is a nightmare.  Anyway, it almost brought me to my knees, when the main man’s office said he couldn’t do it, just as I had got everyone lines up – but thankfully they main man intervened and it was all on track again.  I just hope they all turn up in the right place tomorrow.

Apart from that it has been a cold and miserable day and I was glad to get home to warm up.  I hope there is some warm weather around the corner.

This angel caught my eye – it is a detail on this building, which is still being refurbished.

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