Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Deliciously Blue 32

It has definitely been a great week in the yard, culminating with this beautiful Indigo Bunting who showed up this morning.  I heard him chipping but had a hard time putting eyes on him until he flew.  Patience won the day as he eventually came back, lured by sunflower hearts.  He posed a bit before disappearing into the greenery of the weeping cherry.  

Usually every spring I see at least one of these handsome birds in my yard; and it is always a very short visit.  They nest nearby, but never in our yard.  Winters are spent in Florida and the tropics and breeding territory covers much of the eastern US and parts of Canada.  They are tiny, less than 6 inches, and are members of the finch family.  And interestingly, they are not blue - they are actually black but the diffraction of light through their feathers makes them appear blue.  Could have fooled me.

Hit the gym for some cardio this morning - day 4 for the week.  Hubs and I ran an errand and lunch and stopped for a not-so-healthy lunch.  Back to the gym for me tomorrow...

And the slinky-like squirrel deterrent I mounted on my shepard's crook had the squirrels in a frenzy this morning.  Hubs and I were laughing so hard we could barely finish breakfast.  I had to move the crook after one squirrel figured out to get on the fountain and jump from there to the feeder.  They really are crafty things, aren't they?  We decided that, since he'd put so much effort into it, we'd let him eat his fill before moving the feeder.  Sometimes it takes so little to entertain us.

Need to put a couple of hours in on my Costa Rica powerpoint this afternoon.  Would much rather be outside...

Thanks for all the love on yesterday's oriole.  One of them was back briefly this morning, making me smile.


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