Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Another first...

...just for my record.
I know "we" had had them "at home"; which coop I fled on 27th May 1972.

I have no eye Deer whether we've had them all the while since then or not - BUT - I can vouch for having then since at least 2012 even if they're a week or so earlier this year.
I didn't "Publish" until today (Sat) so I could hold a census in daylight.
In the front there's one solitary soul + a group of 5. At the back, this year, I only see one another - BUT - even at 7 since 2012 that means I've seen about 49 at least and this is the first time I've seen two on the same stalk.
BTW another example of the need for Smellyvision.

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