By PaulShelley

Who's Side Are You On?

On the way back from seeing Amazing Grace at the Barbican. The film of an Aretha Franklin Gospel recording in a LA Baptist church. What a great film and WoW! what a voice. When she started singing the power almost blasted you out of your chair.

I have always been more of a Dusty fan than Aretha. I have to review my opinion now. But what took the edge off just slightly was Aretha's occasional over use of vocal gymnastics - holding notes and hitting high notes. Very impressive but for me Dusty's softer soulful tones just edge it. 

Then walking back to the the station these young women were standing in the middle of the bike lane doing a selfy. Almost derailing this cyclist.  What are you thinking of?! demanded the messenger girl. It was all friendly enough but the trio didn't seem to give a wotsit and carried on with their snapping.

So whose side are you on. Aretha or Dusty. And cyclist or selfie snappers?

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