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Back in the woods

I decided to walk in the Countess Woods today. They are near Bellingham where I refuelled and bought prunes! Bit random.

My starting point was Redesmouth, a tiny community, which looks idyllic. It used to be served by train and the old station platform is still in evidence. Walking friends will remember how dreadfully, impossibly boggy it usually is on the footpath there, but today it was only damp. Everywhere else is very dry.

I walked alongside the river North Tyne and enjoyed all the wild flowers that are coming into flower. In the end, the dandelion clock won the place for the blip. I was very keen for one of the seeds to take off, but I could not blow as well as hold the camera......

My extra shows the stitchwort that is fresh and white. It looks lovely against the banks of bluebells.

I was in the woods for over 2 hours and met no one at all. 

Tonight I pot roasted a chicken with veg in the pressure cooker. It's always very tasty and it's easy to blend into a purée for Mum.

Tomorrow the work begins again.

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