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By walkingMarj

In and around Humshaugh - the Dower House

K + 4, although one of those days was when the plasterer didn't show up. I haven't counted the weekend.

I was up bright and early to be ready for the kitchen fitter and the delivery of the kitchen units. His van broke down on the A68 so I had a message (eventually) from the firm to say he would be late. He arrived at 11 and with two others he unloaded all the carcasses and brought them upstairs to the kitchen.

They drank coffee and left him to it. I could tell he wasn't very pleased about his van problems. Mark, the electrician, arrived and got on with more work. He is really making the place look good and is pleased when I notice his excellent ideas. By lunchtime the atmosphere had improved and the fitter was well on with fitting the units. The place already looks to be transformed.

I think I may have made a mistake about where the fridge is..........ouch.

The fitter did some extra measuring and left at 3pm. No comment!

I had to wait until the microwave oven arrived and I had a very short walk around the village. The garden of the Dower House is always interesting. Suzanne, who lives here, used to have a wonderful growing nursery at Chipchase and we bought a lot of plants there when we first came.

She has a Ribes Speciosum in full flower. It has a tag hanging over into the street which says "this is not a fuchsia, it is Ribes Speciosum"!!

My range cooker has gone. I've sold it to a young couple who are doing up an old farmhouse and are tight on cash. They seemed pleased. I hope it works well for them.

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