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By walkingMarj

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I've had a full on day.

This morning I was at my desk trying to catch up with a mountain of paperwork. It's a small hill now, but there is more to be done before I go away.

Ray, the fitter, was late again, but he had been at the factory to collect the doors for the units. He worked hard again and today the ovens and the warming drawer are in place, the pipework has been changed for the new sink and all the cupboard and drawer fronts are on. They are cream and look rather bleak without handles.

I was just about ready for the committee this afternoon when my printer jammed spectacularly. A small card with a music usb on it fell into the printer and got very stuck!

We had the festival "Wash up" meeting. Everyone agreed it had been a great success. The only negative was a poor WI tea (is that an impossibility? - you would think so) with grumpy people serving and a minimalistic tea provided. This was in contrast to the tea at Holy Cross church for the walkers/singers, where the tables were groaning with delicious food and the helpers were very enthusiastic.

I hardly had time to turn around before I was out to see "All My Sons"  in the live streaming from the National Theatre. Brilliant production. It was very intense by the end and the main actors looked exhausted. I saw loads of people I know.

Julie, Max, Tim, the other Marjorie, Pauline and I went for a quick drink and a debrief afterwards.

Must be time for bed!

PS I have just noticed a shelf in the cabinet where the full length fridge will go. I wonder..........

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