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Boys' night out?

I was keen to do a decent length walk after two days of relative inactivity. The weather was perfect for walking: clear, fine, sunny but not too hot.

From home, I climbed steadily to the trig point at Limestone Corner on Hadrian's Wall Trail, a bit further west to Teppermoor Farm, gradually down Teppermoor Hill to Uppertown Farm, then the steep wood down, down, then up, up to Teckets Farm, Simonburn then home via Nunwick and Keepershield.

It was 11.6 miles on my GPS. Arth can't decide whether he is on a high because this is the longest walk since my knee replacement, or whether he is in a strop that I made him do it. Tomorrow will be telling!

The boys in my blip were in a field together. They are fine animals and I was struck by their hairstyles. They look similar, but they are different. They were very inquisitive and wanted to come close. They were a bit skittish too, just like teenagers can be, so I waited until I'd left the field to photograph them.

I heard larks singing, saw lapwing flying, loads of lambs and cattle. It was wonderful.

I just have to show you the wood at Nunwick again because it is so beautiful. When you look at the extra, let your eye run to the right hand side and see the wood stretching into the distance.

Mum hasn't been too well today and we are hoping that her polymyalgia has not flared up. She has the sort of aches and pains that are suggestive. 

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