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Savoury carrot layer

This is one of our all time favourite recipes. It's comfort food with a big C! It's from the Cranks recipe book. The base is a purée of carrot and the topping is a cheese souflée.

Mum is still struggling with a lot of pain, so I thought she needed food that was easy to eat and makes you feel good.

I have to admit to being tired today after yesterday's big walk. The stiffness is not too bad and I ventured out for a short stroll around the village in the afternoon. It was very quiet.

I've watched most of the film, The Scar, about how women in a mining community coped after the pit closed. It stars Charlie Hardwick. She is a local actor, but it best known probably for a role in Emmerdale. I've seen her only in north eastern dramas. Julie taught her art, back in the day, and Charlie often mentions her if she talks about her early influences.

Dick is cutting the grass and I'm off for another early night.

Life in the Time of Covid 19
Yesterday, Margaret (across the road) was going shopping. I sent her a text with three items to buy (milk, blueberries and tomatoes). Then I sent a text to say I'd forgotten the paper hankies. She read the latter.

When we realised it was 8pm and we were clapping for the front line workers. I tried to persuade her not to go to town today specially for these things. Not to be daunted, she and Brian went last night and the items were on my doorstep by 10pm.  I was so happy to have blueberries with my cereal this morning!! Thank you Margaret and Brian.

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