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By walkingMarj

Not for the squeamish

Today started with the "Wash up" meeting after the Spring Walking Festival. It is always a heavy meeting with a lot of quite serious things to discuss, although we allowed ourselves the congratulations from a very successful festival that took place in perfect weather conditions.

So it's onwards and upwards, with a few more difficult conversations to have on the way!

This afternoon I went for the fitting of the final dental implant. The saga of the implant has gone on far too long and has been eye-wateringly expensive.

The dentist was keen for me to see the implant before it was screwed and cemented in. (That was before I paid the final bill!)  Apparently they use a temporary cement, just in case any adjustment is required. And "just in case", I was given a small amount of the cement so I can re-fix the implant if it falls out. Sigh. I won't be having another one of these anytime in the future.

Packing now.

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