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By TheHazylandBoys

Happy Birthday Mr. Gollum

It is 4 years since my very first Gollum blip!  A little past midnight 4 years ago, Gollum was born into my hand. I fell in love with him, when he was only a few seconds old and I have loved him since.

Today we celebrated his 4th Birthday with a party for the litter. 5 of the 6 puppies came. The 6th was at an agility competition, so she couldn't come. 

It was a great party; we trained, there was cake (for pups and owners) and there were lots of presents. 

So my collage are 5 pictures - one of each of the puppies, who joined the party:
Fifty doing Nose Work.
Bambus doing Obedience.
Easy looking pretty.
Ex-it with one of her presents - still wrapped up.
And Gollum with one of his presents - a toy with his name on it. 

One of the traditions at our Puppy Birthday Parties is that we make a 'Puppy Quizz' and the winner get a prize. This year's quizz is uploaded as an extra. It is a photo shopped picture of a dog made from body parts from the 6 puppies. The owners had to guess which body part came from which dog. They did not to very well :-D
The ears are Ex-its, the head is Easy's, the front legs are from Bambus, the hind legs from Fifty, the body from Vega (who couldn't come today) and the tail is Gollum's :-D

A long day with lots of outdoor activity. I am very tired now, but it has been good.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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