Worn Out

It was a long day for Mom.  She took a couple of calls from my brothers in the morning then we went to to the cinema to see the movie Poms  with Diane Keaton. It was funny and sweet and sad and a wonderful tale about friendship.  

If anyone has any advice for me on this next thing, I'd sure like to hear it, either here or in an email (see my profile page).  I had a long talk with the editor of the local newspaper last week. He's known me since my days of putting the words active/lead in activist/leader. Seven years ago, I wrote a letter to the editor sharing my bipolar disorder diagnosis. Since he already knew that about me I wanted to follow up on a chat we had last fall about highlighting mental health/illness.  I told him much of my story,  how mental illness and stigma pretty much ruined my life.  He asked me to consider writing 500-600 words about mental illness and my experiences for publication.

Having known me for so many years, off the top of his head he rattled off my AZ resume, wondering out loud how any organization could choose to not make use of my depth of knowledge.   He also complimented me on my humor, humility,  intelligence, clarity of expression and my ability to write.  I haven't gotten compliments like that from someone, maybe ever.

Here's my question:  Where do I start?  How much do I share?  My addictions, overdoses, suicide attempts?  I'm not sure how specific/general I should be. As you know, I'm not ashamed of my bipolar diagnosis and I've written about it on blipfoto here and there.  I just don't know how to start.  Please don't shy away from chipping in with your thoughts.

What's a day without a smile?
I just found out I'm colorblind. The diagnosis came completely out of the purple.

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