Wisteria in the Morning

The vase was an impulse buy at Low Woods last Thursday afternoon but I love its colour. Eggshell blue on the outside and gold on the inside. There is a patina of gold in the exterior. I thought wisteria would go perfectly in it.

Up at 0650, made tea, washed Basil's feeding mat and put out fresh food for him, had a quick shower, ate some honey hoops for breakfast after dressing, then on the road to pick up William. Oh, and I took this photo before I put the kettle on. The vase is on a table by a north facing window so does not get direct morning light. However, it's different in the afternoon. See just how direct sunlight alters the colour of the vase and the flowers.

William is Thomas the Tank Engine 'mad' at the moment. He's playing with all the diecast models that I bought for George when he was small. I had to read three Thomas books before we left for 'Mummy Meet' this morning.

Len made a smashing spag bhol for supper tonight. I need to go and help him make the bed now.

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