By suehutton

Burroughs Wood

Nicki from choir had recommended Burroughs Wood for the multitude of bluebells. Of course, the bluebells are now passing over but I wanted to go and see the wood anyway.

We all went. The journey took us to Ratby and from there up a single carriageway road, across a ford, until we got to a small car park. The wood is a designated part of the National Forest. It is truly lovely, with a large flower meadow in the middle. Basil went crazy romping about although he missed the squirrel that shot across his path. We shall definitely come again.

As we left the car park, it wasn't bluebells that greeted us but a riot of cow parsley with red campion. I hadn't seen that before. So that is my photo for today. Some people following us in told us where we should go to see the bluebells at their best. Let's hope for next year.

The weather continues chilly with a biting northerly breeze. We felt quite blown about. Once home, I couldn't stop my eyes closing. As a result, I missed Gareth today opting instead to make a batch of gluten free scones. It's a recipe that works!

And Basil certainly didn't miss the squirrel that was pratting about on the lawn. I could see the whites of his eyes as he jettisoned himself past me.

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