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By keibr

A lot of Windows to Clean

Today was another full day, starting with a trip to town (Härnösand) to help sort through piles of Lions flea-market stuff, moving on to the town park, then the library, where I used to work, for the first food of the day.
After lunch, a trip to the 4th floor to look at a rather strange art installation involving a dancer moving very slowly and thousands of mealy worms! A little shopping followed, and after that home to put away the washed winter tyres, and then out for the evening to hear about Ådalen 1931.
This event happened 88 years ago today, when 4 men and one woman were killed by the Swedish military, during an industrial dispute when this now quiet backwater was filled with sawmills and paper factories (see extra photo).
HarlingDarling has written in more detail about these happenings, in her blip, as have I in my flickr.
While at the library I took this photo of the window cleaner in action. I felt there was a lot of visual drama there. Outside the window you have the town park, with the trees turning green, except for the cherry trees which are showing their pink blossom just now (extra picture).

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