There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Something in Red: Columbine Along the Bridge

I stopped along Spring Creek for a few minutes on my way to work. The water was a bit high and muddy from recent rains. I saw quite a few wildflowers, all sizes, kinds, and colors. It's amazing, the diversity of the varieties that just GROW with seemingly no effort at all.

I walked up to the rusty bridge and spotted something red just beneath it, and I stepped closer for a better look. It was columbine (aquilegia), growing wild. The red and yellow colors really caught my attention. Also of note: their pretty, heart-shaped leaves.

Years ago, my husband and I took Dexter along, and we honeymooned at a rustic cabin at Taughannock State Park in the New York Finger Lakes in the springtime. The canyon above the waterfall was just FULL of these pretty blooms. A happy memory, to be sure.

I read recently that if you really want to get your pictures noticed, you should include the color red. Red gets attention because it really pops. I do admit they are cheery to look at, so here's a little something in red.

The song: Lorrie Morgan, with Something in Red.

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