By Viewpoint

My birthday walk

A beautiful day for not doing anything too energetic. I needed to go and buy more cards for my camera as the ones I'd ordered on the internet hadn't come. Followed by a short walK along Millmoor and the edge of the Oilseed rape field. Then home to cook sea-bream for our meal before going to to the camera club to hear John (whose second name has g
One out of my head). He was talking about his projects, which I suspect provided some of my camera club colleagues with a mental challenge. I really enjoyed his talk and it's set me thinking, but in an entirely positive way.

I'm currently sitting in Costa in Edinburgh Airport, so a day after I took the images. Waiting for the checkout to open for my flight to Shetland. I'll be pleased to get rid of my big bag. It's been a good and straightforward journey by train and tram and another lovely day.

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