Wearing purple...

By 60plus

A mini Blipmeet today...

...crossed the river to visit Sunderland... the heart of glass making...
Visited the National Glass Centre with dollydoug, and enjoyed watching a glass blowing demo with a tinies school group - they were well behaved, and well impressed too! Had a browse round the galleries - main blip - and we both splashed out on a glass memento - a blue bowl for us, and beautiful blue earrings for Dolly.
Afterwards we headed down the coast to see Tommy in Seaham, and then on to Horden Miner's Welfare Park to find another Ray Lonsdale sculpture - a miner with his heart ripped out as a result of the mine closures ( see extras ) 
A grand day out - and a tour of some lovely villages to take Dolly back to East Boldon for the Metro!
Don't worry Pat - we're already planning another trip, this time when you're not gallivanting;) 

And finally - meant to post this last night and I forgot...
Hearts and Honourable Mentions for Derelict Sunday ( DS140 ) as follows:
My five Derelict Hearts this week go to five very different examples of dereliction:

youoregon's tumbledown house

rmeinz's vW camper

freespiral's window

RockArea's shed

Perfectpotus's rusty lock

And Honourable Mentions to:

chrisF's mill by the Medlock

Veronica's green shutters

Marlieske's rolling head

DS141 is running now, and lasts til midnight on Sunday 19th May – keep your eyes open folks!

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