Meet Stanley...

A tiny seven year old Pomeranian who nearly came home with me this morning!

After a stroll around the park with friends, we stopped at the park cafe for a drink in the sun, and this is where I came across Stanley. He was wandering around, apparently completely on his own. He disappeared out of sight, so, being a big softie, I went after him to see if I could find his owner, but there was no sign. There was a phone number on his collar so I made a lead out of my belt and was just heading back to the cafe to find my phone, when his owner appeared, he’d been sitting next to us at the cafe! Apparently he always lets Stanley roam free and he always eventually finds his way back. So a happy ending to a fluffy tail...

Another lovely day, though by the afternoon it had clouded over and definitely turned cooler. And another couple of hours working in the garden.

(Not the best composition as I struggled taking the photo on my friend’s phone; I’d come out without a memory card in my camera. Plus really small file size as my friend transfered the photo to me by text so I couldn’t crop out the rubbish. Sorry for chopping off Samuel’s fluffy tail!)

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