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My blip comes from the second leg of my journey south today. Brian gave me a lift to the station, then I was on the train from Hexham to Newcastle.

I’d noticed David on the platform, because he was struggling a bit with his luggage. Another passenger scooped up his belongings and helped him onto the train where he sat near me.

Soon we were in conversation that lasted all the way to Central Station. He was widowed just a few months ago and his wife was an organist, pianist and composer. He was en route to a son in Portsmouth for a memorial service to her. Their story is not without very significant challenges and they were clearly sustained by a deep Christian faith.

I now have a copy of a leaflet produced after June’s death which includes a beautiful letter to her family, written when she was near to death and suffering from memory loss.

I am so lucky to meet remarkable people on a regular basis.

In Newcastle I was spotted by Christine, a walking friend. I was just nicely in time for my train which was packed nearly all the way to London. It was just before Peterborough when the drinks trolley arrived in coach B, the Quiet Coach. (“Hello, I’m on the train, I need to move to speak to you because I’m in the quiet coach” and so on!)

Despite using Moovit, I walked in a circle at Kings Cross before I found the bus stop. I’m staying near Smithfield market, which is impressive when closed during the day. I hope to photograph it at night.

After a quick rest, I set off for Richmond tower Liz and discovered I should have allowed at least 30 mins more to get there. We chatted while I ate. It’s wonderful to take up with an old friend where you left off.

I went to the Orange Tree Theatre for Out of Water, a new play by Zoe Cooper. Three actors, all female, take all the parts. It is well worth seeing and there were empty seats last night.

I’d love to see it brought to The Live in Newcastle. It is set in South Shields. The actor who briefly spoke with David Attenborough’s mannerisms was superb in all she did and had us laughing happily at that point. The central characters are a lesbian couple who move to South Shields, the home of one, to be ready for the birth of their baby. Things do not go smoothly for them but they discover a lot, painfully, on the way.

Must stop. This is a back blip. I’ve had alive in, but there is a city out there to explore!

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