By Teasel

Lyons Cakes Sign

It was a very unpromising day, with very grim weather.  Undaunted TT went for a  run.  I stayed in bed a bit longer.  When I eventually got up, it was to do the last of the packing and organising.  Meanwhile TT decided he had to clean the fish out, on this return from his run.

Eventually we set forth and drove south through rain, gloom and fog.  There wasn’t much to see.  We stopped off in Belford for lunch at the tea room.  Being on their holidays, the boys treated themselves to crème egg cheesecake.  The portions were huge, but it was too much for BB, so TT ate his own and the rest of BB’s and then felt sick!  I ate half my cake, saving the rest for later!!

We set off down the road  again, stopping off in Alnwick, for a wander in the gloom.  I rather ambitiously bought a pair of shorts, but only because they were a bargain.  We ended up in the wonderful Barter Books, where BB walked straight in and picked up two brand new books of the series he is reading, I also picked up a couple of books, and TT stuck to his guns, and didn’t get anything.

We then headed to our home for the rest of the week, unpacked the car, and enjoyed the warmth and cosiness.  BB stuck a DVD on and he was happy.  Later once they had finally digested  their cheesecake, we went out for fish and chips for tea – a nice start to a week away.

I always look at this sign if we stop off in Belford, so now I am blipping it.

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