By Teasel


Monday morning again, TT and I are still home working, but BB is on holiday – so no home schooling.  And to be honest, not much for him to do.  He could continue clearing out his bedroom – but wasn’t keen.  Good progress has been made, but there is more to do.  He chatted with a friend and played on his X-Box for a while, then declared he was bored.  My suggestions were not taken up.  Later I found him watching a movie.  I think if he stayed in bed longer in the morning, that would fill some of his day!

My day was busy, but not crazy busy.  The morning being taken up with a series of calls.  In the afternoon I had to resurrect a tricky issue that I thought had gone away.  It has come back, but I now need others to get involved.

As I had been looking out all day,  at a lovely sunny day, I was determined not to end up going out for my daily exercise in the dark as happened a couple of times last week. I logged off at a sensible time and headed out for my mandated exercise.  I met lots of people - some I knew or recognised and some I had never seen in my life.  I could pretty much guarantee that had I done the same walk even just a month ago, I would have met no one.

I came home via the co-op where I had to pick up a couple of things required for tea.  When I got back BB was watching another movie and TT was doing the jigsaw.  Later we heard that the PM is in ICU.  And even later I did a bit of the jigsaw – but only the hard bits are left, and there are quite a lot of them.  As it came from a jumble sale, we may not have all the pieces.  Time will tell!  

A view from my walk this evening – looking into the sun.

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