By Teasel

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It was a beautiful morning.  I was out of bed early and my first load of washing was hung out before 8am.  BB was up early too.  TT eventually surfaced.  I read my book, ate toast and pottered with the jigsaw.  Later I started to bake, and noticed my phone had a few missed calls.  I had forgotten I was on call for work from 8am!  Luckily there were two of us on call, so my poor colleague had been picking up everything wondering where I was!  I apologised and got stuck in and took on a task in the afternoon that took me ages to sort out.  Late afternoon I let my colleague know that I was going out for my daily exercise/essential food shopping, and hoped things would be quieter.  I had barely left the house, when  my phone rang, but luckily my colleague picked the issue up, which was minor.

Last week when I asked what the expectations were of being on call, I was told it would be very quiet and probably no one would be in touch – nothing to worry about.  We are going to write up a handover note and lessons learned note – as although we coped , we didn’t feel well enough prepared and we could have been provided with better information and contacts.  We're still on call until 8am!

When I eventually got out walking I couldn’t believe how warm it was and I was definitely overdressed.  I didn’t really have time to enjoy the day, as I had to get a few things for tea, so it was very much a route march.  TT was waiting on the key ingredients so he could get cooking when I got back.

A view from my walk , looking across the fields to Traprain Law.

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